Consultancy for
Athletes, Clubs and Companies
Leo Bassi Sports Management is a professional organization focused on all aspects of sports marketing
It is a full service agency specializing in representing athletes and in technical consultancy for sports clubs and companies. We work as a team with our clients to identify strategic, tactical, technical, and financial solutions for a constantly evolving sports world. Our staff makes use of sports marketing experts, communications, legal and insurance advisors, scientific and medical consultants, as well as vocational trainers.
Leo Bassi Sports Management serves and protects the interests of: athletes, sports clubs, companies
Those geared to a professional approach to sports
Those who cultivate sports with others, and not against others
Those who know and accept the notion of “fair play”
Those who, although individual sportsmen, appreciate teamwork
Those who know that only in the dictionary does “success” come before “sweat”
Those who want to win but know how to lose
Those who know that the most important word is: US
Those who have heart and the fire of passion inside
Those who know that the least important word is: ME
Those who believe that a small effort is enough to reach the top
Those who think of money as a goal and not as a result of a hard work
Those who are in favor of "do-it-yourself" in professional sports
Those who don’t understand solidarity
Those who want to become a champion “in a minute”
Those who are used to taking before giving
Those who are one of those parents standing on the sidelines screaming at his kid tips like "shooot!", "pass…..”, “knock him down…”, “do it all yourself!”
Those who don’t know how to ask: "What do you think?”.
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